Fee Schedule

Adopted by City Council Resolution No. 10-2739

Application Type Fee
Review of Improvement Plans 1% of Approved Engineer’s Estimate
Abandonment of Right-of-Way or Public Utility Easement $2500 Deposit¹
Compliance Review/Inspection 3% of Approved Engineer’s Estimate
Compliance of Acceptance $1500 Deposit¹
Grading Plan Review $500 Deposit¹
Record of Survey $850
Base Map Maintenance Fee $250
Site Inspection Fee $90/hour

¹ Deposit fees will be charged on a time and materials basis for all work including City Engineer, City Attorney and Consultant time, which will be billed for actual cost plus 15%. Should deposit accounts fall below an amount to cover the anticipated costs to be incurred with the application process for a minimum of 30 business days, as determined by the City, then all work will stop until additional funds are deposited. Refunds of remaining funds, if available, will be provided following a final approval.