Police Services

The City of Wasco Police Services unit is responsible for public safety and property protection in the City of Wasco. The City of Wasco contracts with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department for Police Services. Sergeant Martinez functions as the officer in charge of the Wasco Sub-Station.

In case of an Emergency please dial 911
Non-Emergency please dial (661) 758-7266
After 5PM, please dial (661) 861-3110

Peter Martinez

Police Sergeant

Phone: (661) 758-7266

Police Services Study

In 2010 the City of Wasco retained an outside firm to review the City’s law enforcement services and contract with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department. The scope of this study was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of law enforcement functions provided under contract by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office and evaluate the quantitative and qualitative costs and benefits of the existing method and alternative configurations of providing law enforcement services in Wasco. The outcome of the 2010 Report contained a series of recommendations, including the recommendation that the City of Wasco continues to contract with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office the delivery of law enforcement services.

In 2018, the City received an update to the 2010 report. On November 8, 2016, the citizens of Wasco authorized a one-percent (1%) sales tax increase known as Measure X, or the Enhanced City Services Measure. The purpose of the measure was to provide additional revenue for the City, which includes possible enhancements to public safety or other municipal services. The objectives of the 2018 update were as follows:

  • Review and assess the current services and contract provided by the Sheriff;
  • Review and assess the current costs and services received from the Sheriff;
  • Benchmark police services and costs incurred by other cities within Kern County; and
  • Provide recommendations to provide enhanced law enforcement services in the City and achieve the City’s desired goals.

2010 – Police Services Analysis 
2018 – Police Services Analysis
City of Wasco Law Enforcement Services Agreement with County of Kern



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