City Departments

The City Clerk’s Office acts as an official information source and repository of public documents. The Clerk maintains custody of the City seal, handles codification of the City Code, maintains and catalogs City Records, and manages all municipal elections and voter registration.
The City Manager is responsible for the day to day operations of the City and is directly responsible to the Wasco City Council.
The City Treasurer’s Office has responsibility for collection, receipt, investment and disbursement of all funds of the City and its Redevelopment Agency and for timely and accurate financial reports.
The Community Development Department performs advanced and current planning functions including processing entitlements such as General Plan Amendments, Zone Changes, Precise Development Plans, Conditional Use Permits, Zone Variances and environmental assessments. In addition, the Department is responsible for the Building Inspection Division as well as the Code Compliance Division; which is responsible for enforcing the City’s public health and safety, property maintenance, zoning ordinances, and  animal ordinances.
The Economic Development Department works to increase the short and long-term business opportunities in the City, thereby enhancing economic growth. The City Council approved Strategic Plan for Economic Development outlines various strategies to increase business interest and investment in the City. Key strategies include: assuring economic infrastructure; retaining and expanding current businesses; recruiting new industrial, office and retail businesses; facilitating businesses through the City’s planning and permitting process; enhancing the City’s image and promoting the City as a tourist destination.
The City of Wasco Finance Department provides support to the City Manager and City Departments in matters relating to revenue generation, budgetary accounting and reporting, investments, business licenses and purchasing. In addition, the Finance Department is responsible for all utility billing for the City of Wasco.
The City of Wasco Fire Services unit is dedicated to protecting life and property by providing effective public education, fire prevention, and emergency services. The City of Wasco currently contracts with the Kern County Fire Department for Fire Services.
The City of Wasco Police Services unit is responsible for public safety and property protection in the City of Wasco. The City of Wasco currently contracts with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department for Police Services.
The City of Wasco Public Works Department is responsible for refuse collection, street, alley and sidewalk maintenance and maintenance and operation of the City’s water and wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, the Public Works Department oversees the City’s engineering functions and graffiti removal program.